Silent Conversation – Kati Madarász Decsi and Lucia Veselá

Silent dialogues
Kati Madarász Decsi and Lucia Veselá

Exhibition: Silent dialogues – Kati Madarász Decsi and Lucia Veselá
Venue: Zahorie Gallery of Jan Mudroch in Senica
Curator: Marianna Brinzová
Exhibition opening: 22 October 2021 (Friday) at 5.00 pm
Exhibition running from 22 October 2021 (Friday) to 16 January 2022 (Sunday)

Silent dialogues is a joint project of Kati Madarász Decsi (1982) and Lucia Veselá (1985) created for the Zahorie Gallery of Jan Mudroch in Senica, based on affinity with their current and older artwork. The artists, who until recently did not know each other very well, had a joint exhibition in the Bratislava Flatgallery last year and opened a dialogue. It was established on the artists’ empathy, similarity of their thoughts and perception of the surrounding reality. As a result of their collaboration and empathy, it became natural that it was not necessary to focus on a specific authorship, thus allowing the works to be organically connected within the exhibition.

About exhibition

Despite the fact that Kati Madarász Decsi and Lucia Veselá express themselves in different media, their exhibition creates a relatively balanced whole, fragile in its essence and timeline. The points of contact in the Silent dialogues were questions of the passage of time, of unique but also trivial moments. Each artist expresses these principles in a specific way. Kati Madarász Decsi presents parts of her massive “time specific” cycles Transparent pieces (since 2011) and Mud paintings (since 2015) in the Zahorie Gallery of Jan Mudroch. The work of Lucia Veselá from recent years involves paintings and her own analogue photographic records complemented with objects, sound recordings and video recordings of the performance. Lucia Veselá focuses on exploring the forms expressed mainly through painting and photography, yet she treats them more as a painter and vice versa. Kati Decsi uses her own experimental techniques, which result in fine paintings on various kinds of paper made of soil and natural juices. In addition to painting, she also integrates these principles into epoxy and plexiglass objects. She continues with previous large-format installations and environments, but also with more intimate and surface forms. A relatively fragmented structure of Lucia Veselá’s exhibited pieces consists of paintings and analogue photographs, most of them monochrome, of objects made of fragile and natural materials, sound and video referring to objects and situations from everyday life and atmospheric light moments of the day.

The common feature of the exhibition and its attributes are temporality, ephemerality, subtlety, softness, fragility and transience of living and inanimate forms, fading, work with natural materials, archives and memories, as well as random encounters of similar motifs of hands, pieces taken from nature like twigs or stalks, and representations of a closed cycle of interpersonal and natural relationships. The artists attempt to capture and slow down time and fix it to an indefinite period, trying to explore the medium of their choice, but also investigate common life situations and necessities to which everyone is faced with. Without making any difference.

Kati Madarász Decsi (1982) graduated in Studio of Graphics and Experimental Art from the Faculty of Arts of the Technical University of Košice under Professor Rudolf Sikora. She was a finalist in the NOVUM Foundation Award for 2018 and 2019. She specialises in experimental graphic art and painting overlapping with object, installation and environment. She lives and works in Nové Zámky.

Lucia Veselá (1985) graduated from the Studio mal + by under Associate Professor Klaudia Kosziby, ArtD at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava and the Faculty of Fine Arts at the Academy of Arts in Banská Bystrica. In 2019, she was a finalist in the competition Painting – The VUB Foundation award for paintings by young artists. Her programme focuses on painting and overlaps with objects, installations, photography and video. She lives and works in Bratislava.

Lucia Veselá carried out her project thanks to the support of the Slovak Arts Council, the main partner of the project. Her works were supported from public sources in the form of a scholarship granted by the Slovak Arts Council. Kati Madarász Decsi created her works thanks to the Arts Council for the Support of the Culture of Minorities – Kult Minor.

Supported using public funding by Slovak Arts Council and Kult Minor.

Kati Madarász Decsi artwork:

Lucia Veselá artwork:




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