Discussion with Rudo Sikora

Discussion with Rudy Sikora and Tomáš Zálešák

30th Anniversary of the Velvet Revolution

Venue: Zahorie Gallery of Jan Mudroch in Senica
Date: Nov 18, 2019 at 9:30 AM

About event

The discussion with Rudy Sikora (visual artist) and Tomáš Zálešák (political scientist) is intended primarily for secondary school and university students and their teachers, but the laymen is also welcome. R. Sikora (* 1946) is a university professor (VŠVU in BA and TU in Košice), co-founder of VPN and initiator of the first meeting of activists (Budaj, Kňažko, Gál …) with visual artists (Jankovič, Stacho, Cipár … ) at his exhibition in the UMELKA Gallery on 18th of November in 1989. He is therefore a co-creator of historical events.
T. Zálešák (* 1967) is a political scientist and teacher (University of Trnava). He was one of the active university students (FF UK) who participated in the events in Bratislava in 1989. He is the author of The Devil’s Work (2005, Kalligram), which discusses the origins of the ideas of world and human change – how “surrogate religious” fantasies have become part of the psychology of modern masses and their leaders, resulting in devastation, suffering and killing in the real world. In 2015 he published the book Village in Crisis, which attempts to uncover the essence of politics and political thought in a wider context than is usual in modern concepts.


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