Exterior Sculpture Park

Exterior Sculpture Park


Our ambition is to expand the permanent outdoor exhibition of sculptures in the adjoining park of the gallery. The exhibits were produced at two symposia, held in 2009 and 2014, conceived and curated Mgr. Dana Janáčková and devoted to small sculpture. The participants included Milan Flajžík, Miroslav Mládenek, Zdeněk Tománek and Ľubica Kainová.

Symposium Sculptures

Milan Flajžík, Change of Rhythm, 2009, coloured oak, h. 403 cm

The sculpture displays the artist’s alternative captivation by the original curvature of wood. The monumentalised composition tells the story in several acts: rhythmically arranged morphology in a dramatic arc, an expressive exaggeration of the distinction between the basic shape and detail graded in dimension, a haptic contrast of convex and concave surfaces, light and shadow play, subtle glazed overlay with strong colour accent.

Miroslav Mládenek, Soul, 2009, coloured oak, h. 485 cm

Recurrent communication with breeze executed as another variation of kinetic sculpture. The artist is permanently fascinated by wood, its structures, and the possibilities of rendering expressive form. The piece is a meditative-lyrical, maximally focused deep immersion into a pure, fragile and dematerialised substance, into the magical territory of the soul. A supple play of essences, a silent gentle rippling of structures, colours and scents.

Zdeněk Tománek, De – parting, 2009, oak, 506 x 397 cm

Plastická kompozícia kontrastov hmôt monumentálnych a až „giacomettiovsky“ krehkých. Účasť kreativity so silnou expresívnou, citovou aj pocitovou základňou. Márne hľadanie medziľudskej komunikácie, priestorovo otvorený dialóg diela s členitým tvaroslovím sa skončil. Rozloženie hmôt zastalo v napätej statike dynamického prejavu robustného základu a krehkej dejovej nadstavby.

Ľubica Kainová, Flower, 2014, beech, h. 220 cm

The artist explored the theme through the visual symbol. The morphology of her choice of theme draws on nature – to be specific – on the realm of plants. The spatially open mass of the upper part, with a distinctive relief on the inside, evokes the shape of a sunflower seed. Its design also fulfils the utility function – as a bird feeder. This playful story builds on a simple gesture, individual reflection, poetry and a manuscript with emphasis on the natural wood material.

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