Profile of gallery

Profile of gallery

Since its inception, the gallery has focused on 20th-century Slovak fine art, and subsequently also on 21st century art, with emphasis on regional ties, precise documentation and appreciation.

Actually, several artists who played an important role in the development of 20th century Slovak art came from Záhorie. Apart from Ján Mudroch, they included Martin Benka, Ján Želibský, Jozef Kostka, Albín Brunovský, and Dušan Jurkovič and a few others from Myjava region. This professional focus was logically reflected in the structure of research, acquisition, exhibition and educational activities. In addition to a varied regional programme such as the Artists from Záhorie, the School of Teachers from Záhorie, the Collectors from Záhorie and other group and solo exhibitions, between 1992 and 1019, the gallery organised ten editions of the Slovak Triennial of Slovak Art Schools under the title Talents corresponding to its activity. The closeness of the neighbouring Czech Republic has led to the presentation of Moravian and Czech art: the ARS 51 project (3 editions so far) was carried out in cooperation with the Gallery of Fine Arts in Hodonín. It was based on more detailed research resulting in the exhibitions of Slovak and Czech art with focus on the border area.

The comprehensive regional programme of the gallery is complemented by exhibitions of domestic and foreign artists, which cross the regional and national boundaries.

Our ambition in the following five years is to host solo exhibitions of talented graduates from the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava and the Academy of Arts in Banská Bystrica coming from Trnava region, as well as established artists from Slovakia and abroad. After the refurbishment of its interior, the gallery intends to seek international cooperation in the framework of selected INTERREG programmes, or take advantage of other opportunities in this area.

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