Klára Štefanovičová: Grid

Klára Štefanovičová: Grid

Exhibiting artist: Klára Štefanovičová
Exhibition: Raster / Grid
Venue:  Zahorie Gallery of Jan Mudroch in Senica – Gallery above the Staircase, Sadová 619/3
Curator: Róbert Makar
Opening: 23 September (Friday) 2022 at 5.00 pm
Exhibition running: 23 September (Friday) 2022 – 5 February 2023 (Sunday)

About exhibition

Klára Štefanovičová discovers the world of grids and grid structures of the visible world. The grid as a structure is an artistic tool that imbues the subject with a meaningful message. The grid functions as a general sensitive perception. The grid … that is, the structure, as a transcribed image of what is seen, is actually an area that determines our view of the subject. This art process has a long history. It is the history of the use of grids, systems, structures, assemblies and logical compositions. Consistently composed grids prove authenticity and personal conviction when Grid-manuscript is the structure through which we see what is represented.

The grid is used in the creative work as an element of constructive vibration and “sensitiveness”; as an artistic activity in which the subject becomes a universal representation. It is graphic design as a subject, with which we strengthen the supporting points of artistic interpretation. By sensitively perceiving the grid, we reach a space in which the viewer listens to his inner voice, his inner “position”. The subject encrypted by the grid is like a level of the subconscious, beneath which unsuspected associations emerge. Artistic “Grid” is a screen through which we see more. It is a screen through which we see inside.

Štefanovičová’s work develops the artistic principles of a creative use of the grid in diverse forms. She applies the grid in connection with the content and message of her artistic messages –concepts.

Róbert Makar

About the Artist:

Mgr. Art. Klára Štefanovičová
born 1995 in Skalica

2010 – 2014      School of Applied Arts Hodonín, specialised in graphic design
2014 – 2020       Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava, Department of Graphic Art and Other Media, studio of Prof. Róbert Jančovič
2019                    Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava, internship – Department of Visual Communication, Multimedia Studio (MediaLab), Ján Šicko
2021                   Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava, Department of Graphic Art and Other Media, PhD studies with Róbert Makar
Erasmus+           2017 – Plymouth College of Art (Painting, Drawing & Printmaking)
2017 – 2018 – Tokyo University of the Arts (Printmaking)

Solo exhibitions

2014     V pokojíčku / In the Little Room | Art Gallery, Hodonín (CZ)
2019     Čierna oslava / Black Celebration| AF Bookshop, Trnava (SK)
2020     MANUS | Magna Gallery, Piešťany (SK)
2020     MANUS | Nedbalka Gallery, Bratislava (SK)
2022     Mriežka / Grid| Artotéka Gallery, Bratislava (SK)

Selected joint exhibitions

2020     Pechtle Mechtle – Pomimo 6 | Kotolňa, FA STU, Bratislava (SK)
2022     Pomimo: Rituál / Ritual | Artotéka Gallery, Bratislava (SK) Komiksový svet / The World of Comic Strips| Záhorie Library, Senica (SK) Možnosti transcendence / Chances of Transcendence| Art Gallery, Hodonín (CZ)

               Hladiny dotyku / Levels of Touch | Nitra Gallery – Youth Gallery, Nitra (SK)

Ilustrations and publications – selection

2019     Čierna oslava (Nežný komiks), ilustrácie pre komiksovú knihu / Black Celebration (Subtle Comic Strip), Illustrations for a book of comic strips, EJ Publishing Illustrations for the November issue of children magazine Slniečko
Pomimo no.6 – Žranica / Feast (part of almanac of comic strips)
2020     Illustrations for the monthly comic strip “Marek a svetložrúti” for children magazine Slniečko
2021     Illustrations for October issue of children magazine Slniečko
Pomimo no.8 – Rituál / Ritual (part of almanac of comic strips)
2022     Illustrations for February issue of children magazine Slniečko
Cover and illustrations for the book Tiene v kresle / Shadows in an Armchair, BRAK – book series Alma


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