Ján Mudroch – Drawings

Exhibition title: Ján Mudroch – Drawings
Venue: Záhorská galéria Jána Mudrocha v Senici, Sadová 619/3
Curators: Ľudovít Hološka, Božena Juríčková
Opening: 13 April (Thursday) 2023 at 5.00
Running: 13 April (Friday) 2023 – 4 June (Sunday) 2023

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About exhibition

Shortly after the 55th anniversary of the death and the 114th anniversary of the birth of academic painter Ján Mudroch (28 March 1909, Sotina – 4 February 1968, Bratislava), the Záhorie Gallery prepared an exhibition of a selection from his drawings. The works from the collection of our gallery have not been presented so far or were rarely exhibited. They were restored in the past three years. In 2021 we acquired eleven drawings as a gift from the estate of the artist’s son, academic painter Marián Mudroch (1945 – 2019). More than thirty pieces from our collections are complemented by 24 drawings selected by the curators from the depositories of the Bratislava City Gallery and seven Slovak regional galleries after a detailed study. All drawings have rarely been on public display.

The aim of the exhibition is to present the works created by the native of Senica and co-founder of the Záhorie Gallery, acquired in recent years, as well as many of his valuable drawings on paper that have been restored.

The exhibition catalogue has been produced by the Záhorie Gallery in collaboration with one of the last Mudroch’s graduates, academic painter Professor Ľudovít Hološka (1943, Jablonica). He is also the curator of the exhibition and the author of the art-historical text.

The project was preceded by the publication Drawing with Ján Mudroch, a catalogue used for educational purposes, compiled at the end of 2022 by gallery educator Eliška Šefčíková in collaboration with curator Božena Juríčková. The exhibition will be running for seven weeks along with a series of workshops for children, focusing mainly on the exhibited and non-exhibited works of Ján Mudroch.

After the renovation of the attic, which is due to begin this year, many of the exhibits will be part of the permanent exhibition on the second floor.

Roman Popelár

Ján Mudroch

– Born 28 March 1909, Sotina (district of Senica at present),
– The eldest of seven siblings, four boys and three girls,
– His father Pavol Mudroch, originally a furrier, wanted his eldest son to become a clerk.  
– The first contact with fine art at Gustáv Mallý’s private school of painting in Bratislava in 1926,
– 1930 – 1931 studied at his expense at the School of Applied Arts in Prague with Professor Arnošt Hofbauer, without his parent’s financial support,
– 1931 – 1937 studied at the Academy of Fine Arts with Professor Willy Nowak,
– 1932 married Helena Hajdušíková,
– After graduation, he returned to Slovakia and lived in Šurany, where his family moved and his wife was teaching.
– After the occupation of Šurany in 1938 he settled in Bratislava, teaching at different art schools.
– 1938 taught at the School of Arts and Crafts in Bratislava
– 1939 began teaching at the newly opened Department of Drawing and Painting of the Slovak University of Technology; two years later (1941) he was compelled to leave this post due to his progressive and anti-fascist stance. His students – later outstanding painters – O. Dubay, V. Chmel, E. Semian, J. Šturdík, J. Novák left the academy in protest.
– When the front moved westwards in 1945, he settled in Senica, where several of his paintings were unfortunately destroyed during the bombardment,
– After the war he was involved in numerous social, cultural and organisational activities: participated in the foundation of the art association 29 August Group (1945), organised exhibitions, initiated the journal Kultúrny život, became the chairman of the art society Umelecká beseda slovenská (1947), prepared the foundation of the Slovak National Gallery (1948) and the Slovak Philharmonic (1949),
– 1949 became one of the founders of the newly founded Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava and its first rector (1949 – 1952),
– Until 1968 he chaired the Department of Portrait and Composition Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava.
– He last visited Senica in the company of his wife Helena in 1966, two years before his death.
– He died in Bratislava on 4 February 1968 after a short illness and is buried there.

Ján Mudroch was one of the most prominent figures of the generation of artists called Generation 1909 after the year of his birth. His work is characterised by a never-ending struggle to explore a new form, a fresh contemporary view on painting, which benefits above all from the play of colour and light, from the principles of colour and in the overall concept from a distinctive poetic expression. He received several awards, was awarded the title of meritorious artist in 1963 and was named National Artist in memoriam in 1968.

Peter Decheť: Powered by Power, 2020, olej na plátne, 75 x 100 cm

3D Virtual Exhibition Tour

Exhibitions Drawings by Ján Mudroch and Acquisitions 2022:

Teraz.sk, TASR,10. augusta 2022 13:14
V Záhorskej galérii sprístupnia výstavu obrazov Oľgy Bartošíkovej

Kultura.pravda.sk,Pravda, kul 09.08.2022 14:00
Takmer storočná maliarka predstaví svoju tvorbu v Záhorskej galérii

Noviny TV JOJ, 20.08.2022
Mimoriadne jubileum

Nový čas, nezávislý denník, 22.8.2022:
Maliarka Oľga Bartošíková oslavuje storočnicu: So štetcom si rozumie doteraz! Aha, akú krásu tvorí

TV SEN – Senica, 23. 8. 2022
Akademická maliarka Oľga Bartošíková vystavuje v Záhorskej galérii Jána Mudrocha:



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