Marek Sibinský: The Light of Grey

Marek Sibinský: The Light of the Gray

Exhibition title: The Light of Grey
Exhibiting artist: Marek Sibinský
Venue: Záhorská galéria Jána Mudrocha v Senici – Galéria pod schodiskom, Sadová 619/3
Curator: Róbert Makar
Opening: 17 February (Friday) 2023 at 5.00 pm
Running: 17 February (Friday) 2023 – 4 June (Sunday) 2023

About exhibition:

Marek Sibinský explores the light space of graphics through digital and analogue forms. He constantly examines the potential of graphic thinking to define a space for the applied use of light lines on dark backgrounds. He expands his own „graphism“ of the register and verifies the mutual permeation of graphic methods and principles. Marek Sibinský develops his graphic thinking at the conjunction of the digital and analogue worlds.

The light object shows a digital recording of a figure – person navigating an unspecified traffic junction. The work captures a moment from the news, a personal photo or a snapshot from a mobile phone, an electronically captured moment of everyday life. It is the blink of an eye at the moment of realising that this detail, this sequence is important. For example, the moment when a “navigator” plans the course of a plane or a ship and the life and survival of many people depend on his work.

In the exhibited work, we see the subject through a grid. This is digitally shifted image processing. It is the enriching input of the artist who vibrates the subject on the surface of the image. The grid is used in Sibinský’s work as an element of constructive uncertainty, as an artistic activity in which the subject becomes a universal representation. A specific person becomes an archetype for all persons, a universal representative for all. The subject passing through the grid of constructive uncertainty and questioning creates a basic model of how to find and consolidate the supporting points of an artistic expression. Through grid he achieves a light space in which the viewer listens to his inner voice, his inner “position”.

The perception of the light qualities of grey surfaces awakens our ability to follow the issue of graphic images from the perspective of other disciplines, such as semiotics, sociology, psychology and naturally also from the perspective of spatial art disciplines and principles. This enriches the reflection and communicative quality of the work.

Róbert Makar

About the Artist:

Marek Sibinský was born in 1974 in Frýdek-Místek. He graduated in 1992 from the School of Applied Arts in Brno (majoring in painting). In 1997, he completed his master’s studies at the Department of Fine Arts, Ostrava University, in the Studio of Free and Applied Graphic Art under Professor Eduard Ovčáček. Since 1998, he has been teaching in the Graphic Art Studio of the Faculty of Arts at Ostrava University. In 2006, he completed his doctoral studies at Uniwersytecie Śląskim w Katowicach, filii w Cieszynie, Wydział Artystyczny, Instytut Sztuki. In 2015, he qualified as associate professor at Katowice University in the field of visual arts – graphic art. In his work, he deals with graphic art, painting and experimental approaches to graphic art.

Exhibitions – selection from the last 4 years:
2019 – Empty Messages – Marek Sibinský, Galeria Forum, Toruń, PL
2019 – Pavilion 02, GAD – Giudecca Art District, La Biennale di Venezia, IT
2019 – Screening, Galerie Středočeského kraje – GASK, Kutná Hora, CZ
2019 – SYNTOPIA, Galéria ASFA, Atény, GR             
2019 – 6th International Triennial of Graphic Digital Arts  – Gdynia 2019, Nowa Galeria Centrum Designu Gdynia, PL
2019 – 4 GLOBAL PRINT 19, Miguel Torga Space, S. Martinho de Anta, PT
2019 – 816q – Marek Sibinský, Galéria Fx, Banská Bystrica 
2019 – Grafika roku 2018, Obecní dům, Prague, CZ           
2019 – Lublin Zagreb Lublin, Galerija Canvas, Zagreb, HR
2019 – Ślady Czarnego Kota Trzy, Muzeum Produkcji Zapałek w Częstochowie, PL         
2019 – Topo/s/grafia, Miasto Ogrodów, Katowice, PL                    
2019 – Umění je hra/Art is a Game, Kulturní dům Leoše Janáčka: Výstavní síň Viléma Wünscheho, Havířov, CZ                
2019 – WOSA, Galeria Concrete, Wrocław, PL                     
2019 – AUTOPORTRÉT: IDENTITA – REALITA?,  Galerie Hollar, Prague, CZ
2019 – GREY ZONE, Galeria Sztuki Współczesnej “Elektrownia”, Czeladź, PL

Awards (selection):

2022 – 7th International Graphic Arts Triennial Award – Gdańsk 2022, PL
2022 – Main Prize in A category, Graphic Print of the Year, Prague, CZ
2020 – Special Honour of the Second International Triennial of Graphic Arts Livno, Franciscan Museum and Gallery Gorica-Livno, Bosnia and Herzegovina
2019 – Wyróżnienie Honorowe, Nowa Galeria Centrum Designu Gdynia, PL

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