Vojtech Kolenčík and graduates: Between White and Black II

Vojtech Kolenčík and graduates: Between White and Black II

Author, exhibition title:Vojtech Kolenčík and graduates: Between White and Black II Venue: Zahorie Gallery of Jan Mudroch in Senica Curator: Veronika Trnečková Opening: 2020/10/20 at 5 PM Duration of the exhibition: 2020/10/20 – 2020/11/25

About exhibition

The joint exhibition at the Záhorie Gallery of Ján Mudroch in Senica comprises the works of thirty-four artists. The exhibiting artists include Tero Abaffy, Martina Albrechtová, Zuzana Barutová, Iveta Bencová, Mário Birmon, Slávka Brezinová, Diana Čižmárová, Veronika Čmaradová, Eva Čarnoká, Lukáš Freytag, Gabriel Gyenes, Veronika Holaňová, Katarína Hutníková, Katarína Knežníková, Eliška Kovačíková, Lívia Kožušková, Martin Kráľ, Branislav Kristín, Miriam Kulacsová, Róbert Kužidlo, Alžbeta Malcová, Kristína Mesárošová, Svätopluk Mikyta, Jakub Milčák, Kleopatra Muchová, Andrea Ondis, Eva Mária Ondová, Juraj Poliak, Attila Rózsás, Paulína Rypáková, Silvia Sekelová, Veronika Trnečková and Matúš Vysocký. The artists belong to different generations, but they all studied with Associate Professor Vojtech Kolenčík in the Studio of Creative and Colour Printmaking at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava. The exhibition was preceded by the presentation of works at the Pisztory Palace in Bratislava in spring 2020. However, the exhibition at the Záhorie Gallery of Ján Mudroch also includes the works of recent graduates.

The title of the exhibition refers to the interface between the two opposite poles and points to the broad spectrum of the project. At the same time, the term white and black is a familiar name for the studios of free and colour printmaking, derived from the appearance of the spaces. The students’ choice of the studio is reflected in their creative work.

The exhibition at the Záhorie Gallery of Ján Mudroch presents a selection from the current artistic production of Vojtech Kolenčík and the graduates. The works of exhibiting artists are displayed in three groups. The first shows the works executed in linocut, serigraphy, and aquatint. The second displays paintings, drawings, objects and installations. The third group presents illustrations and animations drawing on graphic design. The graphic principle is visible in every work, only the form of presentation changes. It is attractive to spectators to see the three groups side by side. The artists belong to several generations, thus allowing the works of established artists to communicate with the works of the youngest graduates. Thus the exhibition project becomes a collection of works by the graduates of three decades. If we apply the motto “We’ll find what we want to find” to the artistic creation of the so-called “Kolenčíkovci”, it is noticeable that they pursue their own paths. The encouragement of this endeavour can be perceived as one of the most important legacies of Vojtech Kolenčík as an educator at the Academy of Fine Arts. 

The artists explore through painting, drawing, animation, video, digital painting and illustration, object and installation the themes of contemporary man, symbolism, mythology, lettering and brevity, portraiture and also resolve the question of their own identity. The works on display express gestural, abstract, expressive and poetic character. While some of them feature the elements of social criticism, others are an abstract expression of the artists’ exploration and attempts to achieve balance. Emphasis on the individual is perceptible among the exhibiting artists. The diversity of the works on view is the proof of emphasis Vojtech Kolenčík placed on the freedom of artistic expression with his students.

Veronika Trnečková


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